Creating a blog/creating a story

This site is under construction.
My plans are to link to resources for videojournalists with tips to newbies on the process of creating a story, as well as new technology.
I’m on the same roller coaster ride as many of you…I know a process and am working to learn how to use that process in a new world. Your input/suggestions are appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Creating a blog/creating a story

    After spending several hours this morning trying to get the finer points of how to edit with Final Cut Pro 5 down, I am humbled by my inability to figure out the basics. I am, after all, a pro. Too bad. All bets are off and it’s, guess what, you’re back at the bottom of the learning curve. Everything is good until I go back and start moving stuff around. Then my project goes to goo. Nats end up in the wrong place, video starts too early, etc. It is a pathetic moment and all I can do is walk away from the computer and chill out. You mentioned the vertical learning curve we are all in now that multi-media is the norm… add some rocket boosters to it. In the past month, I have been self teaching myself Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, PhotoShop 7, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, and all kinds of underling video and music programs that are out there and I am in info meltdown. Then there’s learning how to create your own blog page– and don’t forget YouTube… gotta get on there too. It’s truly mind boggling and, yet, I love all of it. Especially FCP. It is simply the sweetest edit system around and when I get it down and and can edit as fast on it as I do now with linear equipment, I will be in editing heaven. Now back to the project and figuring out why music track ate my nat sound and why I couldn’t undo it.

    Not only did my nats go missing, but the entire project is now gone. I thought I heard some wierd noise from the external hard drive while I was posting earlier, but paid no attention to it. Seems I’ve experience my first CRASH. Oh well, live and learn.

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