True eyewitness news: you-witness-news

It’s here – Yahoo, which caters to whatever will draw an audience, has created a citizen propelled news site which will take any video Joe Citizen with a camera wants to offer up, and at no cost whatever to him or Yahoo.
I’m not really sure what to say – this is either one of the brightest ideas ever or it has the potential to drag real journalistic news further into the basement. If Yahoo screens what comes in to ensure it adheres to journalistic standards of objectivity with an equal voice given to both/all sides, then we are all receiving an amazing gift. Unfortunately this site has all of the potential of youtube, with everything from professional to work by “yahoo’s”…folks with attitude who wanna get their story out.
Stay tuned – I know I will – to see how this develops.

One thought on “True eyewitness news: you-witness-news

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