Martin Luther King Video

See post in Videojournalism category on how this was created. A very quick, very basic general news story which took about three hours total time (one and a half hours to shoot and about the same to write and edit…plus thirty minutes to capture video). Not outstanding…but meat and potatoes. Once again, shot with Canon ZR60 and other low-end gear. After years of the good gear it’s hard to get used to tiny cameras and the public perception that goes with them…no longer NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER!, but old lady with little tiny camera. I missed some shots due to tiny viewfinder/LCD (bright sun) and a very fast moving march…but still, managed to pull it off.
I am fascinated by Myisha Patterson, the young lady who was the keynote speaker. She is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Stockton, went to Stanford and is definitely on a fast track. Our country needs more like her – passionate, intelligent, dedicated.
10:45…Shooting, editing seem to go faster than uploading. I’d estimate it took about 45 minutes to upload a 76mb video file and then another five minutesto get into wordpress.


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