Joy of living and seeing

Videojournalist Kathy Newell has two blogs that both inspire me and force me to think/rethink my values. klncreations urges us to remember what it was like to be a kid – and see the world afresh. Ever try to do that? Just wake up and say to yourself – wow, what is this bright light coming in the window – look at how it catches the leaves on the tree…everything is brighter and more wonderful than you can remember. I’ve caught myself driving down streets i know by heart and suddenly seeing them for the first time, as a stranger might. Unsettling, but in a way it re-energizes me.
Kathy’s other blog, futurematters is a work in progress, as it should be…her brainchild is exploring our future and our past. Her posts are as spontaneous as she is, and just as eclectic. There is no “same old, same old” but a path that twists and turns.
Kathy, by the way is another pioneer TV photojournalist learning how to navigate the digital world. She can figure anything out and has been a great resource for me.
There’s a lesson here: support your friends, learn from them. When all else changes or goes away, they will be there. They keep you young (and accountable).

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