ML King “track at a time” script

Here’s the “track-at-a-time” script I promised from the ML King story Monday. When you’re in a rush, first find your opening sound and then consider your opening shot. I like what Myisha said – and I found a shot of the statue in the plaza that matched.
The first narrator track- is an informational paragraph that sets the stage for Myisha’s call for action.
The second narrator track is a transition between two of Myisha’s sound bites.
The third narrator track introduces Myisha and leads into her next sound bite.
The natural sound of the singing and march breaks the mood from Myisha and brings the viewer back to ML King. The is punctuated by the minister’s call for action.
Singing at the end frames the tag out.

ML King Script/Monday, January 15, 2007

Myisha Patterson (voice only)
“As we pause today to remember the dream of Martin Luther King, the dream he spoke about in 1963, we need to ask ourselves a question: has King’s dream, his vision really become a reality?”

Nearly four decades after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, questions are still raised about his dream of a nation that treats all men equally.

“I am here as a messenger to make it clear that we have yet to achieve that vision and we still have work to do.”

Today in Stockton ceremonies marking what would have been his 78th birthday revisited Kings dream.

“The truth of the matter is that disparities abound for African Americans in housing to health. from education to economic parity, and we still have a good ways to achieve the vision that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of.”

Myisha Patterson has ties to both Stockton and Washington, DC, where she is employed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She says that while King’s dream has altered our country, it is not yet complete.

“We’ve made a lot of progress since the 60’s, I mean clearly we don’t see the kind of blunt racism that the African American community experienced then, however we are still subject to racism and the effects of racism.”

“We shall overcome…”

So, once again generations joined hands and marched in support of a dream.

Voice of minister
“Allow us Lord to be a participant in the dream, that it may come to fruition in this world, Father God, in this life that we live.”

Natsound singing
“….I do believe”

This is Cyndy Green in Stockton, California

Natsound singing
“…we shall overcome some day.”


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