Nonlinear editing programs…

I wanted to write about the different nonlinear editing programs, but Andy Dickenson beat me to it. Definitely take a look at his posts. I am a Mac person, slowly learning some PC software and love my Final Cut Express for its ease of use. Andy takes a look at everything from the freebies (Movie Maker and iMovie) to the high end products costing thousands of dollars. (I’d like to put in a plug for another freebie – AVID Free DV, which is a free download from the AVID website.)
Since Andy was an editor and now teaches, he is my guru. You’ll find both some history and recommendations.


One thought on “Nonlinear editing programs…

  1. Thanks for the link Cyndy.

    Guru! maybe in the aged appearence.

    I like Avid Free DV but it is picky about the system it runs on – even down to which service pack you have – but hell, its a lot of editor for nothing.

    On the mac it isnt as stable as it could be but as a free alternative/upgrade to imovie, with the extra video tracks and more flexible editing, it would be silly not to ive it a try.

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