Emergency lav windscreen

You know those teensey tiny pieces of foam that fit (loosely) onto your lav (clipon) mikes? You know which ones I mean – the ones that disappear without warning, usually on a windy day. Without something to screen out wind noise, your interviews are useless.
Here’s quick tip…take a strip of tape and carefully wrap it around the end of the mike. If you position it properly, the wind should blow right over it while other sound sinks into the hole.
You can also hide the mike under a layer of clothing – but if you’ve ever been out on a windy day you know that wind can penetrate clothing. The same type of material that blocks wind also blocks sound waves – so you lose your clear audio.

By the way, I had a bit of fun putting this clip together – hooked my ZR60 up to my MacBook, shot “live” and recorded voice through the computer mike. Took less than 10 minutes.

One thought on “Emergency lav windscreen

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