Fate and karma

It isn’t quite two weeks since I posted TV News – A Phoenix Rising or Falling about how KFTY in Santa Rosa, California, axed its local news shows in favor of content from citizen journalists. The sad news personally was that a young man who is passionate about news lost his job. I got a call from him today – and guess what! He just got hired into my old job at KOVR – he will work night shifts in the Stockton bureau!
Hometown boy makes good. His name is Kenny McCann. I’ve rarely seen someone so desperate to shoot and edit and make a difference. He’s got a whole lot of learning ahead, but I know he’ll make it. The first year or so as a TV news photog is all about learning the ropes. How to use the gear. How to work on a relationship with the reporters. How to push for a story you love and handle the ones that are tossed at you. Kenny’s first year in news was at KFTY. Now he will move on to stage two…concentrating on learning more technology (live shots, working in a much bigger, more complex market) and refining his skills. It probably takes four or five years to get to a point where you are a craftsman in your job…it takes that long to settle into yourself, understand what you are doing and what drives you. While the intensity and newness wear down, the love of news and knowing you are giving to your community continues. Good luck Kenny! (And congrats to KOVR – you are lucky to have him.)


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