Video is not just for the intelligencia

We all like to think we are unique -special. After all, it takes a certain level of intelligence to comprehend technology and it takes artistic ability to create a work of art. I’ve been humbled by a local man who was not at the front of the line when what we commonly think of as brains were handed out – but somehow he got more than his share of vision and perserverance. (He told me he was Special Ed in high school many years ago.)

He turned up at a workshop a few years ago I did for the local Apple Users Group…my presentation was on how to turn PowerPoints into videos and how to insert a video into PowerPoint. He came for one reason only – to learn how to use a computer to edit. And he was persistant. I’m pretty easy with my email and phone number and he got both and he pestered me until I agreed to help him. The lessons were torturous for me initially. His pace was slow and he knew his limitations, so he was constantly telling me to slow down and keep it simple. (A great lesson for any teacher) We had issues with his computer, with his operating system, with my tendancy to say something and sprint ahead, not realizing I’d left him behind….but after several years of on-again, off-again meetings he showed me his first DVD and I was shocked. He was a natural editor…a natrual director and shooter. He could “see” his movie in his head and just needed help with the technology (which still baffles him).

I’m heading his way again today. His computer crashed, so I’ve got to check it out and clean it up. You might think this is a warm, fuzzy type of relationship – it isn’t. He has no people skills and tends to blurt his opinions and questions. But the opportunity to work with someone who is struggling yet still in his own way an artist is rare and an education for me. I’m posting a segment of his major work – still in the production. And when you look, remember, when you pass this guy on the street, you’re the one who avoids eye contact – because he is not one of “you.” He knows who he is. He’s better.


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