Searching for nature’s moments…

I’m a sucker for features and anything that touches on the fragile beauty of nature. Kathy Newell has once again managed to capture a fleeting moment…a day of sunlight in the middle of a stormy winter in Northern California. She’s not afraid to get down low and in close. In a world too often obsessed with the harsh realities of life, she slows down and shows us what we are missing when we rush through our hectic days…too busy to stop a moment and give thanks for the small miracles.

In search of wildflowers


One thought on “Searching for nature’s moments…

  1. Cyndy,

    Thanks for your generous words. I only see what I could of done better when I look at it. It’s the newsie in me… always critical. FYI– shot, edited, and posted in just under 6 hours (drove aprox 50 miles looking for flowers) I need to let this stuff sit for a day or two so I can play with it… thanks again.


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