Whither broadcast news…

I’m putting together a survey for the membership of BAPPA (San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association). Our print membership is strong….and thriving. The broadcast membership has stagnated and seems to be shrinking if anything. This concerns me – I’ve always been active in my community and professional organizations. It’s part of payback – I help to return the support given to me when i was just starting out.
For some reason our television members are not coming to meetings, workshops…they do enter the annual contest, but not in the numbers seen ten years ago. I want to know why. Are they too busy with their personal lives. Do they feel the job is just a job and why bother? Where is the disconnect and what can BAPPA do to bring them back?
I’ve mentioned in an earlier post Digital Workshop that the broadcast side just didn’t seem to care. Maybe now, with the survey, I can find out why. They may not even be completelly aware of the changes going on and where the industry is heading – and that is truely frightening.
If you’re a broadcast photog – let me know your thoughts. Ditto if you’re in print. Help me find out how to reach my compatriots.


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