Folks ask me why I left news – wasn’t it a perfect job with lots of celebrities and excitement and good pay? The answer to all of the former is yes – but there is more to life than that. A combination of many tiny elements drew me out of news….the vision of possible burnout…the excitement of teaching…age…disillusionment. I solved much of the problem by changing careers, but I still can’t get news out of my blood or a camera out of my hand. So I teach broadcasting and will teach broadcast news.

I know there are others out there like me…and to varying degrees we have a lot in common. My former co-worker and friend Kathy Newell is one. We both have a vision of news that goes beyond the latest accident, the most recent celebrity tidbits. We share more than fifty years of news experience. Hard knocks as pioneer women in a man’s field and proving that gender does not dictate ability. A committment to our communities. And a love of news that informs and educates…that allows our viewers to enjoy learning and to take part in the process.

“Videojournalism” was launched to educate folks who want to know what news photogs really do or who want to learn how to become videojournalists. It also allows me to look at a media that has to completely reinvent itself for an audience that is dissatisfied with traditional media. Working on this blog has allowed me time to explore and rethink my perceptions of news and what people – the audience – deserve. Kathy and I have spent hours talking and emailing each other, whistfully dreaming about how a news program might look if we were in charge. A news site that would examine issues/stories from a reflective, thoughtful stance rather than using hype and personality to attract an audience. So we’re working on our baby – our dream now.


Right now it’s an experimental blog. We have a website under development…and I do mean developing, because we’re on a learning curve. Kathy is absorbing as much Dreamweaver and Flash as her brain will take (she’s a marvel at technology) whlie I plod along with the writing. We’re planning some “shootouts” where we’ll both go out and produce stories on similar topics, which will be posted on the blog. Once we get up some steam, we may encourage submissions (this is still under discussion) that have meaningful content and high production standards. (Don’t worry about the high-priced gear…you should know by now I’m an advocate of quality thinking/not expensive equipment.) So check us out…and please be patient. Good things take time.


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