Have cellphone, will shoot….and more…

Andy Dickenson has some great posts today…and I love ittybittyphoto created by Brian Poulter. You want to talk about small format cameras? His blog looks at creating photographs using PDA’s, cellphones, and point-and-shoot still cameras. Wow. Would be interesting to see him expand into making videos w/these ittybittycams.

Speaking of video…Andy did his own experiments with video from a cellphone edited using a free online editor called EyeSpot.

Andy also links to Andrew Grant Anderson whose blog explores what should be taught to aspiring journalists today.

And finally…(listen to the sucking sound)…he turns to Robert Niles’ comments on parasitic journalism. Do blogs exist just to steal from and tear apart “real” journalism – traditional media? Niles presents some clear facts and argues in favor of blogs.

Instead of dismissing the blogs and websites to which their former readers and viewers are flocking, newspaper and TV journalists ought to be asking themselves what those blogs are doing that *they* could be doing to get those readers back.

I agree…blogs provide new news, new insight, and an alternative for an audience weary of “same-old-same-old.”


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