Happy birthmonth to me….

I’ve been blogging for exactly three months as of today and I’m curious. Who drifts in on the winds of the Internet and pauses to read this site? I’m honestly curious. Some of you I know from virtual conversations, some I can only guess at, most I’m clueless about. Why do you stop – what are you looking for? This is supposed to be a viewer friendly site with a somewhat narrow focus, so I can take time to answer a few questions.
By the way, for those of you new to blogging, it’s all about communicating and discussions. There shouldn’t be any “I’m right, you’re wrong.” So if you disagree or have comments to add – please go ahead and add them.
If you don’t want to post here, my email address is in the “about” section. And thanks for dropping by…


7 thoughts on “Happy birthmonth to me….

  1. I happened onto your site a week or so ago – cannot remember who linked to you, and not only did I read the linked post, but read deep into your archives and then subscribed to your RSS feed.

    For me, it’s fascinating to read your perspective on teaching and I like hearing the details of how you set up your assignments, your thoughts on gear, your approaches to teaching visual storytelling. The experience you’ve had in videojournalism and your skill in telling stories shines through every post. I find something of interest or a compelling turn of phrase in each entry.

    I work in technology integration at a small K-12 girls school, helping teachers use technology better in the classroom. I’ve taught video, but most of my formal training is in literature and writing. (And my own blogging is less related to the work I do at school and mostly focuses these days on my ongoing project of learning how to draw.)

    So thank you, and I look forward to the next three months!

  2. Mindy McAdams just linked to you, which is how I ended up here. This is all part of my long road back to professional journalism, hopefully doing something more fulfilling than working at my old paper, which was going nowhere. Video is my latest fascination.

    As an added bonus, I get to flout the Great Firewall of China by visiting your site (I live in Dalian), since yours and all WordPress blogs are blocked at the moment.

  3. Hi, I am the chief-editor of a local newsstation in Belgium (TV Limburg). We work with videojournalists (15) to cover the news in our area. We have no cameracrew nor cutters in our staff. The VJ’s do it all. I like this site and hope you keep it alive. Bye

  4. I’m a photography teacher.

    You’re on my educational website.

    Your blog, and Mindy’s, are helping young photojournalists realize that they won’t be using a still camera for long.

    It’s time to switch to video.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I found you through Mindy of course … haven’t had time to keep up recently, but I consume your RSS feed. I think your blog has been a great contribution to the media-focused part blogosphere.

  6. I think I found you through Mindy too. I decided to add you to my feedreader because of your posts on camera gear. Now I like to pop over for your comments on teaching video to others.

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