If you came to my STN workshops….

Please, please – if you are one of the teachers who came to my workshops at STN – contact me. Go the “About” and you’ll find my email. Seven of your emails bounced back (Check the email address you put on the list – if you have a message from me/reply with your mailing address. If you have no message from me, get in touch.). I have the CDs and DVDs of the PowerPoints and need to send them to you. Just send me your name and where to send the disk.

If you’re a student who wrote down your name or your teacher’s name, I can’t get in touch just based on a name – need an address and email.

If you’re reading this and weren’t at STN but are trying to figure out how to get your mitts on a disk…I do have a few extras. The CD has the Lighting PowerPoint posted on this blog…but video plays properly and you can use it in the classroom. The DVD has Tips & Tricks from a pro and covers everything from getting your gear in order to winding down at the end of the day/prepping for the following day. I can only give these to teachers (one of the conditions laid out by the news directors/ops managers who gave permission for their stations’ stories to be used on this DVD) and unless your name is on my list, I will only send to school district emails and only as long as I have extra disks.


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