STN winding down…

I’m in my hotel room in Anaheim, showing my roomie (Jamie Watts from Arizona) how to blog. We’re here for the Student Television Network annual conference. What’s it all about?

The future generation of television professionals will take the stage of the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim March 10th. Professional judges from the Kansas City television market chose fourteen of STN’s finest to present awards to the winners of the On-Site Contests at the 2007 STN Affiliate Convention. STN’s event is the only journalism or video technology convention to use student talent to present awards at a closing ceremony.

Only a few hours to the awards ceremony, when many students suspend life functions, waiting to hear if they made the final cut.
This is a quickie post. In this post I’ve both informed you about my day – AND – just shown Jamie how to create a blog and link to another site and create a block quote. Thanks for putting up with us!

PS – If you want to start a blog, go to the end of my blogroll and click on While I’m not a fan of the word “intuitive,” blogging at this site is pretty much that. Just play around and don’t post your writing until you think it looks good. Have fun!


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