Seasonal poem assignment…

This assignment is meant to allow students the opportunity to get creative. They can write their own poem or select one written by someone else (no – not a friend/I have to approve and generally it has to be a recognized author). They choose music, shoot stills or video, and either record the narration themselves or have others speak for them. The final effort is expected to be a mood piece – a visual poem that evokes feelings of one of the four seasons.

Video must run two to five minutes
Find or write a poem about one of the four seasons (recommend that it focus on the season of the moment because it is easier to get visuals)
Shoot stills, video of the season (leaves, grass, clouds, people enjoying or not enjoying the weather, animals, flowers, trees, etc)
Choose instrumental music that helps set the mood and works with the words of the poem
Student or a friend (or friends) record narration
Edit with title slide at top and credits at end (attribute who wrote poem, who read narration, author and performers of music, video produced by)


2 thoughts on “Seasonal poem assignment…

  1. This assignment can easily be adapted to younger students or a class that does not have access to cameras by allowing use of downloaded images. Make sure students either cite in their credits or use the subtitle feature to put the citiation directly on each image.

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