Developing story ideas continued…

This weekend I talked about how to develop story ideas. Here’s an update.
I met with Richard Hanner of the Lodi News Sentinel this morning and hopefully will be meeting up with his circulation manager to get going on the story about changing demographics of newscarriers.
Finally caught up with my local philosopher in a Walmart parking lot of all places (the only location we could both agree we knew) and talked with him at length. With a story like this it’s very important to pre-interview and get a feeling for the subject’s personality. He told me about a book about his life that I plan to track down and I visited his website.
Left messages for contacts on the food story and the street racing story and am waiting for folks to get back to me. Having time to wait is a luxury I’m enjoying. In the grind of daily news, stories were often sacrificed or cut short because we couldn’t track all of the necessary elements down in time to meet the deadlines. With luck (fingers crossed) I can shoot the philosopher story and the newscarrier story and edit while I’m sitting out some events I have to drive my daughter to this weekend. The food story may be mostly shot before I leave, but the local food expert isn’t available until next week.
Stay tuned for updates.


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