thinkin ’bout news…

Couple of updates – one a milestone. My co-horts and I finally got the “under construction” pages up for Wow. We’re still exploring where we’re going…and expect a wild trip. If you visit, please realize I’m currently a high school teacher and my partners are equally busily employed (one still in broadcast news/one with his own production company). We’re getting this together in our “spare” (hah) time. This is the second baby step. (First step was deciding to do it.)

Got some shooting done on one of the stories…the quirky philosopher, Poppa Neutrino. If you Google him you’ll find he is a vagabond…a dreamer…a traveler. Thirty years ago he decided he never wanted to work again and has spent the time since doing what he wants and setting to sea in rafts. His latest escapades have brought him into my back yard. The initial interviews are done…and I’m into research and looking for cover video for what at this point is a talking head story.

Still waiting for callbacks on the other stories.

Wish us luck on our journey…and hope some of you come along for the ride!


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