With apologies…


My kids got me a mug for Christmas that says, “STOP volunteering for stuff.” They know what I’m like. A compulsive volunteer…always willing to lend a hand. The result is often overload and burnout. This is just to give you a heads up that the school semester just began this past Monday…I have two or three stories at various stages of development…have to get the tax paperwork done…think-news website needs developing…and our pump is faltering (live in the country, so water has to come out of the ground)…and the family demands are increasing. What is giving right now are the blog and, to some extent, the stories.

Unless I go OCD and can’t stay away from the computer, I’m probably going to concentrate on getting the work done that needs to be done. So bear with me…I shall return in about three weeks.


2 thoughts on “With apologies…

  1. Taxes done. Don’t ask – it was ugly this year.
    Settling in with school…Monday a WASC team visits (we’re brand new and this is a critical accreditation) and then we can all relax. I start my freshmen on Romeo & Juliet, Act I. Broadcasting is working on Teacher Profiles and Monday they have to learn how to log. (Ever stop to wonder who transcribes all of the interviews for the hard of hearing feature on your TV? The reporter, of course…and sometimes the photographer or editor)
    Should begin on Poppa Neutrino this week.
    And the best news – as a reward to myself for getting taxes done, I dug up two of my garden beds and put in Swiss chard and tomatos! The squash and pumpkin seedlings are waiting their turn to be put out to field…as are the beans. Life is good.

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