thinknews off to a slow start…

Kathy Newell has been keeping up with the saga of the two wayward whales near Sacramento, California on our blog thinknews. Her love of environmental stories compells her to follow this story. We’re both realizing we need some heavier “guns”…longer lenses to pull our audience in closer to the story. Working outside of traditional news organizations is a challenge…until we are a recognized news agency, we struggle along the sidelines. But sometimes that is where the story is…out where the people are.
Look for more postings from all three of us this summer.


One thought on “thinknews off to a slow start…

  1. Whale Hunting in the California Delta

    I can’t stress the importance of knowing your gear. Twice today, I missed great shots because the auto focus on my camera focused on a tiny 1/4″ reed sticking out of the water instead of the whale. I thought I had turned it off, but I accidentally pressed the exposure control by mistake. Know your gear. Also, invest in a light weight ball head tripod that you can level fast. I was moving around a lot and missed some good stuff leveling . On the way home, I bought a Velbon El Carmagne 530 Tripod ($289) and a Giotto MH 1002 Ball Head ($42). Both will support my 9lb Panasonic AGDVD60 video camera. I took the camera into the store and put in on the system for a half hour and played with it. I wanted a ball head with a quick release, but the store did not have any in stock. This will work for now. I will try it out today and hopefully not miss those shots again. FYI– never leave your camera on a tripod unattended. Not even for a second. Always be close enough to catch it if it tips, or the tilt slips and it starts to go over. Happy shooting.

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