The question from Ken about pass-through ability on camcorders spurred me out of procrastinating and into dubbing my (too too many) old analog tapes into digital format. The plan is simple – hook up VHS VCR to ZR60 (in pass-thru mode), and loop into my iMac desktop and iMovie. I’ll convert to Quicktime clips for storage on DVDs so i can access them later and use for editing if need be.

There are actually three (or probably more) ways to archive or store media. My way – in a media clip on a DVD that can be accessed and used in editing programs. Media clips stored on hard drives. Dubbing directly onto digital tapes.

One thing to keep in mind – tapes start to lose their signal after ten or fifteen years…so you have to remember to re-dub, even digital tapes. The beauty of digtal tapes is that you don’t lose information the way you do with analog tapes. Plus I remember also reading somewhere that CDs and DVDs don’t last forever either. Maybe hard drives are the way to go after all.


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