I’ve mentioned logging tapes a few times before. I’m logging a humdinger right now – a lengthy interview with a local black historian who is taling about historical segregation of minorities in graveyards. There is a wealth of detail in this interview and I want to transcribe nearly every word – if it isn’t used as sound bites in the story, we can mine it for information for the audio track.

think-news contributor (and partner) Larry Nance shot this fascinating interview a few months ago. We had to put it on the back shelf for a while. But the story told is too compelling to leave. Over the next few days Larry and I will walk you through the process of creating a visual story based on an interview and virtually no strong video. All of the subjects of this story are long dead. There are few, if any photos of them. The section of the graveyard we’ll be visiting is dismal – flat, uncared for. Join us as we search for photos and find ways to make this story come alive.


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