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Well, I did it – or rather my kiddos at school did/ I have a Velbon 607 tripod…nifty little lightweight piece of gear…and it is officially broken. Figure my abuse plus thirty kids in class taking turns with it. It had to die at some point and I needed a tripod for a gig yesterday so I went out Wednesday to my local camera store to look at what was available.

Two good things happened. Owner Neil Gluskin, who runs Gluskin’s Camera, happened to be available when I walked in and he showed me a new-fangled tripod. The first was a plus because of a conversation we had – the latter I bought.

What’s unique about the tripod? It has a detachable mount – you twist a dial and pull off the head and a block-like mount below. That mount is actually a clamp which you can use to mount the head onto the back of a chair, a window – anything less than about one-half an inch that juts out. I can see lots of uses for it. Here’s what it looks like


The second neat thing about talking with Neil Gluskin is the discussion we had about what format will dominate video in the future. I was gratified to hear he felt mini-dv would continue for some time, holding its own over DVD and hard drive camcorders. But he’s betting on large capacity flash cards…for both video and stills. This from a man who’s been in business for decades and who has to keep on top of trends.

Add-on: I’m a fan of removable media – and a hard drive camera is just scary to me. If the drive goes down, no camera. You can’t have multiple shooters sharing because there is no way to really tell who shot what (this from my teacher side). I like tape, but the tape carriage is the most fragile part of the camera and I’ve had several fail me or have tapes tick in them. A good solid flash card – now we’re talking. No moving parts. Fairly affordable and easy to plug in. Bring it on.


3 thoughts on “Some thoughts…

  1. Vanguard AK-4 OS.
    Now that I’ve got it the pan is a bit tight, but playing with it should work that out. It is NOT a pro tripod…just something I want to haul around for convenience.

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