VJ Training…

I’m ready to take the plunge in a new direction. For some time I’ve been working on a basic class in videojournalism….initially for photographers and reporters, but I’m discovering that the two groups have different needs. Reporters seem to need more technical support in the form of some audio and lighting basics as well as camera and editing. Photographers just need to shift gears and move into video…time vs. space. Flow of motion and sound vs. frozen time.

What I’d like to float out is a proposal for a six to eight hour videojournalism workshop for aspiring videojournalists…initially to be held on my turf here in the Central Valley of California. I’d like to restict it to working print news photogs….but if educators or reporters or others are interested, I could create other sessions. Reason for this is that each group brings something different to the session. I know what photogs and reporters want…but educators and other individuals would need different information presented specifically for them.

Just post a comment or email me at cyndyg@mac.com and let me know if you’d be interested in attending and what you think you need to learn to become an effective VJ. If there is sufficient interest, tentative schedule would put it in early October.


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