Thanks for the tips…

Hop on over to Andy Dickenson’s blog for some great basic shooting tips. He gets into stuff I forgot I knew. Most important – get in close and remember to roll off enough tape before and after your shot.

And while you’re surfing, check out Richard Hernandez’s Rules for Video on the Internet. I especially agree with Rules ! and 2.

Rule Number 1
YOU ARE NOT in control, your viewers are.
Rule Number 2
Your viewers time and attention are precious, this is not FRONTLINE. Your pieces should not be longer than 4 minutes, otherwise, chapterize, the viewer can come back and see the rest IF THEY WANT.

Remember kiddos – it’s not about you. It’s all about your audience. They make you who you are.

Final note: I’m back from the land of zombies. My husband returns to a hospital within ten minutes of home tomorrow…so my three hour roundtrip heading for the hills to see him is over. Prediction is he will be home in a few weeks to continue rehab. I doubt if I will ever pass an accident again without a moment of silence for the victims and their families. Remember to hug and kiss your loved ones every day. Life is very fragile and precious.


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