There’s a new addition to my blogroll: think-training. It’s part of a project that my partners and I have been working on together. think-news is our dream of a true Internet new site. think-training is a partner site where we plan to pool our knowledge and share it with others.

Let me introduce you to Kathy and Larry. Kathy Newell I’ve known off and on for nearly 30 years…we’re both former news photojournalists with broadcasting backgrounds. We finally got to work on the same team when I got hired at KOVR/Sacramento back in 1990, where she spent 25 years. I lept out of news into education in 2002…and she made the leap into starting her own freelance company just recently. Larry Nance and I met nearly 23 years ago when he was the head evidence tech for the Stockton Police department and our daughters were in ballet together. He left the police force and began his own event videography and photography company. Our paths kept crossing when his wife and my mother, both elementary school teachers, team taught for several years. Eventually we paired up and taught some digital video workshops together.

What do we share? A passion for video, honesty, doing the right thing. We enjoy each others’ company and the give and take of working together. We want to make the world a better place (come on, don’t laugh – we’re serious about this) in our own way…and are concerned about the direction journalism is heading as it moves to the Internet. Ethics and credibility are important to us. By offering training to those who want to make the move to videojournalism, we hope to instill in our clients an understanding of how to merge the old media with the new media to best serve their communities.

End of lecture. End of promotion. We now return to your regular blog.


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