Pounding the keys…pondering life…

Man, I feel PROLIFIC today. I watched the dawning sun filter through the leaves on the tree outside my bedroom, fed the critters, and had pancakes with sliced banana for breakfast and sat down for a few (hah) minutes at the computer. FYI I sit in my kitchen at the breakfast table (sounds grand, doesn’t it), looking out at my front yard and the waving field of corn across the street…watching clouds, chickens, and whatever passes by as I type. Today my head is a jumble of stuff I want to post…so here’s a list I may pick from for future posts.

Video ethics – a strange beast. There’s more you have to watch for when producing a video story.
Implied consent – letting folks know you’re for-real media
Light – a never ending subject
Logging – damn boring but also necessary
Visualizing – seeing the world as an individual
Adding sound – music and sound fx/are they ethical (no – and maybe)
Separating your life from work – the blended videojournalist
Technical – how much do you really need to know
Clear vision – why are you shooting this story/what do you want your audience to get from it
Choosing a visual story (if you’re allowed to have input)
Making a non-visual story less deadly (aka making a dud come alive)
The tai chi of shooting video
People I admire
The best visual stories aren’t always the big stories

Well, it’s a beginning. What I’m really attempting today is trying to find ways to avoid going into the workshop behind the house and pulling out some dusty, spider-infested, grimey file cabinets I need for the classroom. I have to pull and clean them and then (lucky) daughter #3 will use up the last of the cans of spray paint to enhance them (yep, they’ll look colorful…but no longer ugly).


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