Creating the story…

Day Two – Kathy Newell drove down the hill to my house and we traded tapes and captured all of our video from Murphys Heritage Day to both of our laptops. She’s editing Final Cut Pro on a MacBook Pro and I’ve got Express on a plain ole MacBook.

We talked about what we remembered from our shoot yesterday and some opening lines we’d been tossing around. We settled on an opening that focused on children playing and adults not being afraid to admit their ages and took it from there. Remember, with a video story you need strong video, strong nats or an interview, or a good narration. Lacking the former, we went with the latter. We actually wrote the script without really logging…something you can do only after years (and years and years) of shooting. We remembered what questions we asked in interviews and what shots we got – and which were good and bad. As we tossed lines back and forth, we also hopped on the Internet to get some historical facts about Murphys and Heritage Day. Below is the final script. Notice we left the actual wording of the interviews out…we knew we had the sound, just didn’t log it (don’t do this at home boys and girls).

Nats- kids creek

Murphys, California. A Gold Rush community, where children still play in the creek … twirl hula-hoops … and adults are not afraid to tell their age…

Interviews with ages (two or three)

Or be called “Duck Master.”

Nats- ducks and duck race

Every July Murphys holds Heritage Day, when anyone who’s lived here more than ten years and is older than 70 years old joins to share memories.

Interviews – two about how they like town or whatever

Nats Music (:15) –cover with B-roll

Even the songs are a throwback to an earlier age. Murphys began as New Murphys Diggings in 1848 in the midst of the 49er Gold Rush in California. It stayed an old-fashioned backwoods hamlet for nearly a century, but in recent years the population has changed.

Interviews – one or two

But what hasn’t changed is the essence of Murphys.

“It’s quaint”
(maybe add another bite)

Nats music concluding shots

No – not a heavy script. But a mood piece…a look in the day of. Now for the fun part. I tracked the narration and then Kathy cut her track. We’ve on to the next stage: each of us is editing our own version of the story, using the same tape. We’ll each pick out sound bites and nats and see what our end products look like. (Hint: we did show off our first sements before parting for the day. Kathy’s version is faster paced, more upbeat. Mine is slower. Strangely, she used the same interview I did in one place, but let it run longer. I used more bites in the beginning, where she only used one.) We hope to post tomorrow, with comments, on


One thought on “Creating the story…

  1. My version is done. Total time editing was around 2 Hours (and that includes downloading both our video into my computer). I am uploading to youtube now, so we can post it here.
    Here’s a few FYI’s or things to watch out for when covering a small town festival. If they have a band the interviews have to be far enough away from the music, or they get drown’d out. Watch your color balance… shade and sunlight will give you different light temps, so you may have to re-balance several times, or everyone will look like Smurfs. Kids swimming will try and succeed splashing water on you and your electronic gear if you are taking their pictures. Plan on walking all over the place in search of the where they told you the race would start. Expect to hear a persons life story when you ask the question, “Why did you move here.” And finally, have fun if you can. Eat the home cooked food, listen to the band, enjoy the people and appreciate one of the simple things that makes America great. Good luck.

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