Murphys Heritage Day

Here are the two versions of the story. I feel mine has a weak ending…just couldn’t decide on a strong shot – and ideally a story should have a strong open and close. Editing is more of an art than any other part of production. Shooting can be too…but editing makes or breaks a story…editing creates the mood and flow. A good editor can make a bad photographer look good. A bad editor can destroy a good photographer.
Plus…compression doesn’t look that good. Will give it another shot and see if I can make it look better.
Later….I did a recompress and while it looks better on my computer it still looks pixelated via youtube.

Re Kathy’s video…her version is much livelier. She thinks because she’s just out of news and I’m more comtemplative (i.e., older and been out of the field longer). Whatever…she also noted that without talking to each other, we seems to key in on the same shots. Now we had about 45 minutes of cover and interview between us and there were a wide variety of shots to choose from, but we still selected very similar shots…most likely because we read the same thing into the script and looked for matching shots…but also because we both recognize good video. The shots we passed on may not have been as well framed, exposed…not as to the point.

Cyndy Green’s version

Kathleen Newell’s version is on her blog at klncreations.


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