Working together…

One of my big frustrations in news was seeing absolutely amazing work by other photogs and never really getting to watch them work or talk to them indepth about why they shot a certain way. Heck – photogs (even the gals) are a macho bunch…with the souls of artists, even though they would never admit it. They’re tough and ready to take on anything given to them.

That’s why this past Saturday was fun…I got to shoot the same story with a photog I admire greatly and we got to talk about issues we had with gear, people, what worked and what didn’t. I look at her raw tape and see shots I missed and her personal touch in every frame.

Too often we work too hard and don’t stop and enjoy our friends and co-workers. And I’m not talking about the after work brewski…but relationships that last beyond the next presser or disaster. I was talking with Willie Kee’s wife Jeane once about how hard it must be to be married to a news photographer….and she blew up. You – she said – have no idea. Ron (your husband) understands…but you photogs are buried alive in your jobs…to the point where you sometimes forget family. Or words to that effect. I was reeling by the time she was through.

Next point – recognition. Not awards or acclaim. When two news photogs meet…they eye each other, but there is a connection…an invisible understanding of each other. Recognition of another member of a strange and independent breed…a first responder who documents events and moves on – documents another event and moves on. Never really part of an event, but touched by each scene, each person, each story they cover. I’ve gone beyond what I wanted to say…but as far away as I am from the daily grind, I still feel the tug…and the relationship with my kinsmen and women.


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