Off and running…

School began Monday and this year I AM enjoying my broadcasting class. Last spring was the first time I taught this class at McNair…and the class was nearly all freshmen. Now I like freshmen as well as the next teacher (I adore them in my English 9 classes)…but they are barely mature enough to listen and actually learn video. (Dare I say that fight videos, Jackass, and stupid stuff were their focus?)

This year is different. The class is more than half upperclassmen and nearly all are there at their request. Instead of riding herd on a group of rampaging lemmings, I’m teaching AND they are listening. Last year due to construction problems we didn’t get gear or studio until five weeks or more into the semester – this year I’ve got them out and shooting already. My first student just finished his Basic Shots assignment…the rest will be done by the end of next week. (He also came up after class and told me he liked my floor, which confused me until he talked me into letting the break dance club come in to practice while I finished some paperwork. Apparently it’s hard to find large expanses of linoleum – which my studio has plenty of.)

Most days students take notes or do journal entries in notebooks I gave them. And this year, knowing I’d have the full range, I bought a bunch of composition books in varying colors. Each grade level has their own class color notebook, which will help me when grading. Although I expect all students to learn – when I grade writing I want to be able to easily differenciate between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. There are most definitely differences in maturity and comprehension.

With my baby – my MacBook – I was able to do a PowerPoint presentation on the basics of iMovie and switch back and forth to iMovie and demonstrate while I talked. Life is lovely when all is going your way.


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