Just bloggin along…

What is bloggin? Reading, reflecting, and responding. So if you’re out there and you’re reading and relecting (thinking)…why don’t you respond? You’re picking my brains…sucking out the essence of the blog…so let me know if you want more, what you want, how you want it. I like to write what I know and what I am comfortable with…but my comfort zone is pretty big. If you’re new to this…join in. Ask questions. Go ahead and disagree. Have an opinion. Don’t be someone in the background – make yourself known. I may agree or disagree…but it ain’t personal. You may jog me/make me rethink a position (or not)…but make your voice heard so we all know what your think. End of lecture.


4 thoughts on “Just bloggin along…

  1. I’m definitely one of your voyeurs.

    But keep up the information.

    I’m a student (again) that started with photo-j and as I learned more about it, the industry and technology, I realized that I needed to learn more about print, digital audio and now digital video storytelling.

    So, I’m here.

    And learning.

    Joseph Hollak

  2. Go Joe!
    You’re from my old haunts. I’m a former Bulldog(ette), graduated in 72 AND was the mascot/watergirl/designated driver for the rugby team. Believe me they needed one. That J department has really revved up since I left…almost wish I could go back for my masters. Nice website by the way. Keep on bloggin. Keep on learning.

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