Photographer Brian Feulner walks up the streambed where snowmelt from Folger Park runs into Highlands Lake, flowing down the Sierra as the Mokelumne River. (Matt Brown/News-Sentinel)

There are times when, as a teacher, you just want to hoot and hollar and yell. I had one of those moments this morning when I hopped onto the website of my local newspaper, the Lodi News Sentinel, and saw this story on a trek following the headwaters of a local river. Writer Matt Brown helped me out a month ago with a trial run of my video training…in four hours we went through the basics of shooting and editing and it looks like it took – and under some pretty adverse conditions. A 35 mile hike through the wilderness. Now if you’re watching the video, you may be thinking – oh no big deal. The initial shots are shakey and there’s too much camera movement. But remember – Matt is a newbie and this is a major step for both him and the Sentinel. A real multimedia effort. There’s Matt’s usual excellent writing in the print story. Photographer Brian Feulner did a great job with the still slide show (and may have shot some of the video too). And then there’s the video, allowing the viewer to experience an adventure they most likely will never be able to take part in otherwise. As soon as I catch up with Matt I’ll get the details.
Rock on!


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