The workbook is DONE! (well, almost…)

Talk about an endless summer. Between family emergencies and life in general, trying to put a workbook together can be a major hassle. But the puppy is 80% complete. The bulk of the writing is done…a bit of editing in some areas and adding in photos to illustrate some points I want to make and that’s it. My co-author, Larry Nance, will be reviewing what is done over the next few weeks and contributor Kathy Newell and I will meet next weekend to discuss and probably shoot any additional illlustrations.

The workbook will come in two flavors – one for educators for use in the classroom and one for think-training for use in workshop presentations. The former is the version we’ll make available for sale. As soon as we get it cleaned up and ready for company we’ll post it here and on the think-training website. We are self-publishing to keep costs down.

If you happen on this blog and think there’s stuff that should be included – please comment or email me. The workbooks is meant to be an introduction to videojournalism from several stances – gear, storytelling, editing, ethics. Remember this is for VIDEOjournalists – so it covers a lot of ground, albeit briefly. Meant for hands-on learning and teaching.

(ohhhhh my aching fingers)


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