Heading Downunder…

Life plays you…you don’t play life. It looks as if I’m heading downunder on some family business. In between this and that I’ll try to check out local newspapers and broadcast facilities and what is happening with videojournalism in the land of Oz. If I have any readers in Australia, I’ll be in the Brisbane area primarily…and I’d love to meet you. G’day mate.


2 thoughts on “Heading Downunder…

  1. Despite the underlying reason for the trip, it will be a ton of fun – a good old fashioned family get-together. Party Down Under – and I’ll need my Velcro boots so I don’t fall off the planet.
    How do you pack for a trip when your gear outweighs your personal needs? I want to take my JVC camera and necessary goodies, the Exilim still camera…gonna have to leave my good still camera at home. Wondering if I have room for a tiny tripod. Oh – and the laptop. Maybe I can buy clothes when I get there? There is so much I want to record…people, places. Last time I was in Australia I was visiting my grandparents (1984) and made the big mistake of not talking to them on camera. This time I’m going fully loaded.
    Heard this joke last time I was there:
    In Melbourne they ask you what club you belong to.
    In Sydney they ask you what church you go to.
    In Brisbane they ask you what beer you drink.
    I’m from Brisbane.

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