Brisbane night life…

Kangaroo Point 1902 Left – Kangaroo Point circa 1890s/John Oxley Library.
Right – rock climbing 04.10.07.Rock Climb

Tonight we drove into downtown Brisbane to check out the night lights and found some rather unusual night life. All along the Kangaroo Point cliffs overlooking the cityscape and river were rock climbers. Imagine – rock climbing with a city view! This has been going on for years and anyone eight years or older is welcome to join in – for a price. I moseyed around shooting video, which I’ll post by tomorrow night.

Not getting much officially about videojournalism over here…I’ve contacted the photographers’ union and several other sources but to no avail as of today. In viewing the telly I see that the camera work is good but not fancy. They stick mostly with wide and medium shots. Nearly all of the news programs are understated. The morning shows tend to be a bit more animated with personalities…and honestly I like the way the evening news is presented. No giggles, no banter.

I’ll be heading home in seven days….and counting.


One thought on “Brisbane night life…

  1. For those of you who think I did wrong by the date (04.09.07), that’s how they write the date our downunder. Day-month-year. Confusing, but if you think about it, logical.

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