On my last leg…

Whew…what a trip. After two and a half weeks on the road I’m boarding my last flight, this one headed to SF, and then a short ride home. The journey has a times been bittersweet: returning to my homeland Australia to say goodbye to my brother, who passed away seven days ago from prostrate cancer. Renewing my friendship with his wife and son. This time Australia felt like home and I regretted leaving.
Since Thursday I’ve been in Canton, Ohio – presenting my first workshops for newspaper photographers and reporters. Interesting time…there is great concern about having to do two jobs at once – gathering news or shooting photos and then having to shoot video and produce clips for the station website. All of the particpants were clearly professionals and loved their jobs and know they are good. Many enjoyed the opportunity to take on the challenge, while others seemed to struggle. Their situation is being repeated in newsrooms across the country as newspapers consider options for surival.
Once I get home and have more time to digest and think about events I’ll put together a more comprehensive post.


2 thoughts on “On my last leg…

  1. Thanks Angela…I guess we all reach an age where death is a frequent visitor. I’m sitting at home at my usual seat at the kitchen table still feeling like I’ve just emerged from a dream. Routine will set that straight.

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