Friday Night Football…

Ever wonder how all those high school activities are run? It’s called co-curricular. What it really is is indentured service by teachers…in addition to the regular hours of teaching and then the hours (paid) for prep and then the hours and hours (unpaid) for prep and grading and meeting with or calling parents. Usually it’s not too bad – just another ten to twenty hours annually. I happen to like football, so in addition to advising an on campus club I’m on the chain gang for junior varsity football. My freshmen English students love it – Fridays the guys are nervous…their first year playing high school sports. They take a beating but kept getting up and fighting back. Even though they lose more than they’d like, I am proud of their spirit. And every Monday we have the post game rehash.

The only place to be at a high school (or any other) football game is the sidelines. You are part of the action…you can feel the intensity. I spend most of my Friday night games on the chain gang, so really don’t have much opportunity to shoot. As luck would have it, I did get to shoot a game while in Ohio this past Friday. Haven’t shot a game in donkey’s years…and after a few false moves, it all came back. Keep one eye open and follow the ball. Yeah, it’s just a little game in a mid-size mid-west town. But the crowd let the teams know they were there for them. And for a little while I got to play news photog again.


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