SFBAPPA aka BAPPA or San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association is holding its Multimedia/Digital Workshop at San Francisco State on Saturday, December 8. This is a must attend for photogs in northern California. Opening session by Kim Komenich, who will look at where the news industry is headed. We’re in for a wild ride folks. There is no model for news yet on the Internet and everyone’s guessing and hoping they’ve made the right choices.

There’ll be workshops galore – and I can definitely recommend anything done by Richard Koci Hernandez. After all, he’s the one who turned me on to blogging at last year’s event. Not sure what I’m doing exactly…I’m slated to do a Final Cut Express workshop, but have also volunteered for VJing for Dummies (they’ll probably come up with something more politically correct since this is California). But expect workshops by the pros on Photoshop, Flash, new media, storytelling and reps from manufacturers. Spaces fill up fast – last I heard it was already 2/3 full. Free to BAPPA members…slight fee to others. If you’re intersested go to SFBAPPA’s website or email President Paul Sakuma at sfbappa@aol.com.


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