Video done right…

I was cruising through tvspy when I came across this story shot & edited by photojournalist Jeremy Carroll and reporter Noelle Walker of KNTV NBC 11 in San Jose, California. Thanks to Al Tompkins for singling it out and interviewing the crew to discover their thoughts as they worked on the story, which won a national Edward R. Murrow award.

Talk about tuned to perfection…this is a perfect example of the wedding of words, music, and visuals – and often the words meander down their path while the accompanying video soars above. The imagery is outstanding – not just about the subject matter, but going beyond showing the content of the story and allowing space for your mind to reflect.

Marvel at the story…but be sure to read Tompkin’s interview about a team who became obsessed with a story they couldn’t put on the fast track.


3 thoughts on “Video done right…

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  2. Hey Cyndy, I am the shooter of the piece “Holy Hostel.”
    Just wanted to thank you for the kind words and the link to the pkg. I’m always eager to learn about what’s going on in the new media world we live in…I’ll keep reading.

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