A few days ago I got a call from Martin…the young man who has been working on a video project for more than a decade. Martin is special…I wrote about him last February in the middle of his techological struggles. This was the first call I’ve ever had from him where I could hear emotion in his voice – the movie was done and he sold some DVDs at a local flea market. He was estatic. He had some scenes running on a small TV and people would watch and buy his DVD for a few dollars. He’s considering getting some other merchandize to make a bit more money and attract more passers-by and to help pay for his space at the flea market. He loves to meet people and talk with them, so this was wonderful news. Go Martin! You are one of the most tenacious filmmakers I’ve met and you deserve your success. (And if anyone out there wants to purchase a copy of “Black Dragon”, just give me a shout. It’s a war movie with lots of home-made special effects and props…made by one man with a dream.)


3 thoughts on “Completion…

  1. Martin has posted clips from his movie on youtube – check out bonerthewonderdog.

    I bought four copies of his DVD from him – he is charging $10 per DVD.
    He’s like a kid who just figured out how the world works – very happy with himself.

    If you want videos, let me know…I admire Martin because he knows his limitations and he is very careful that he not go on the Internet. I can send you (individually) his address.

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