Posting while we talk…


Welcome once again to the SFBAPPA Digital/Multimedia workshop….right now I’m gonna show the folks here how to post. And how to add photos. Nothing heavy.

First – know where your photos are. Know what you want to say. Be organized. End of story. By the way, we made our own blog at this workshop: If you were at the workshop, please feel free to ask questions, post comments and join in the blogging community.

Enough of this … and a grand time was had by all. Wow. It’s much much later and I’m still marveling at the workshop. Adm Golub (sorry – Adm, son of the renowned AL GOLUB formerly of the Modesto Bee) was the whiz kid. He not only knows how to blog – he understands how the code works. Daniel Sato gave us insight into how blogs help students find jobs. Clifford Oto drew questions about how his employer views his blog (done through the corporate site) and how much freedom he has to write about what he wants. Alison Yin showed some marvelous posts. And somehow, between the five of us, we tap danced and kept the audience entertained and may even have helped launch a few new blogs.

If you want to check out blogs by Clifford, Adm, Alison, or Daniel – I’ve added them to my blogroll at the left.


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