Lenslinger has a retro review of video technology and a look at what is fast replacing broadcast shooters. He’s at the top of the incoming wave…not that many of the broadcast brethren even acknowledge their looming doom. Take a look and enjoy a good read as only Lenslinger can spin it.

But a funny thing happened on the way to becoming a hologram. Technology caught up. Suddenly college kids could crank out kinescopes on their iMacs, cell phones started sprouting eyes and clunky concepts like the information superhighway gave way to the far sleeker Blogspot-Google-YouTube paradigm. Virtually overnight my breed became dinosaurs. Velociraptors in matching logowear perhaps, but dinosaurs nonetheless. Trouble is, we’re not stumbling off to die. In my medium market alone, there are scads of multitasking action figures, many who can shoot, plot and edit better than I. Past evolution aside, it’s a treacherous landscape for my beleaguered species. Never at the top of the broadcast food-chain, we now stand a good chance of being replaced by bad actors with a fetish for emerging gadgetry. That, I suppose, is the way of things – but I can’t help but wonder what the next generation of news shooters will look like and wether or not a fossilized photog like myself will still be allowed to roam the Earth.

Yeah…they’ll let us roam so they can do stories on what it used to be like. Remember, not only do we eat our young…if they’re fast enough to get away, they come back and devour us.


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