Student Television Network approaches…

It’s time again for the annual Student Television Network Conference…once again in Anaheim (CA). For those of you attending this year I’m putting on a couple of new workshops – convergence of media on the Internet and and hands-on lighting workshop. Yeah, in the past I’ve done lighting but have been rushed at the end as folks tried to get hands on in the few remaining minutes before we had to give the room up for the next session.

Painting with light
Learn the basics and more about using light to create great looking interviews and b-roll shots. You’ll learn when to use an on-camera light and how to use one, two, or three lights for the best effect.
Demonstration and hands-on, so bring your gear if you have questions and be prepared to learn or be lit up (presenter will look for “volunteers” to sit in the hot seat). I’ll try to keep the “lecture” to a minimum and hands-on to the max.

Web video
It’s not just broadcast news producing news video. Newspapers and citizens are now posting to the Internet. Your job options are both broadening and shrinking. What skills do YOU need to join the convergence movement? Will the TV model become the standard or are there other models that are more appealing? It’s a wild new world and you, as tomorrow’s video journalists, are the future.

So that is that…and if you’re a student or educator who is planning to attend, let me know what you would like included in these sessions. I’m adaptable. These sessions (and others) are sponsored by RTNDF.


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