The Giant is awakening…

TV Spy takes note of how TV stations battle for their audience. This from an interview with former anchorman Larry Kane as he talks with the Philadelphia Daily Examiner. Too often, he states, stations battle to be first in the market. They are missing the point, he continues.

The hidden news war in Philadelphia is not talked about — the battle to break news on the internet. With the internet doing so well, and the cable newsies getting bigger and bigger, people don’t need to watch local news like they did before. Breaking news on the internet IS the future.

My favorite line: “In reality the TV news wars should be a battle to be relevant.” Way to go baby…


2 thoughts on “The Giant is awakening…

  1. In our market, it’s definitely not hidden. It’s a good ole fashioned newspaper war … er … except with TV stations and newspapers. It’s fun! And it’s way too early to declare a winner.

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