New Year Musings…

Mil, my sister-in-law from Australia is here for a few weeks, enjoying what we in the great Central Valley of California facetiously call a “white Christmas.” Heavy ground-hugging fog. Pea-soup fog. Yup, it is definitely white here. Sister and brother-in-law from Wyoming came in late yesterday. The mix is what makes this interesting…we are all very different people with wide ranging backgrounds and opinions held together by the bonds of kinship.

Mil brings in a stance of interest to me as a newsie. US news does not accurately or fairly cover world news and events. I agree. Nearly every foreign story must have some US tie-in. Australian print and broadcast media are more worldly. There is local, regional, national, and world news – all presented without the useless chatter of American broadcast programs. She is extremely displeased at the way the Iraqi war portrays US troops as the heros and spearheads into danger zones…the Aussie reality is (as often has happened in wars) that Australian troops are sent in first to take over and then hold the zones until the American (or other) troops move in to occupy. Is there any mention of this? None that I’ve seen. And I know the history of how Aussies were used. Gallipoli is a prime example – the British used the Aussies as the first wave knowing they were sending them to their deaths.

Jeanie and Winn from Wyoming are our family conservatives. Ranchers…it was their cattle drive featured in the Cattle Drive video I shot last year. Over the next few days we’ll be discussing everything under the (fogged in) sun. We’ll see where that leads.

Teaching….I learn more each year about the craft and students. For the second term my broadcasting class was a dumping ground. Perhaps a fourth of the students signed up and the rest came in with no notice. A handful did absolutely nothing. The majority caught on and actually enjoyed the class. Some of my best (read this as exceptionally talented) students will NOT talk on camera. No narration…no voice tracks. A few asked friends to narrate their scripts. I need to address this. The class is about technology AND English skills, which include speaking.

Excuse the delay…more company. Will resume later…
…much later.

The fog has lifted today and we expect a bright sunny day with three storms coming in this weekend. Before the week is out I hope to be the proud owner of a Canon HV20. A reminder that I need to get out more, shoot more, edit more and try different styles than what is engrained in my old noggin. My personal New Years resolution.


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