Two good things…..

1. I’ve been working with my Broadcasting class for two weeks now – all new kids in second term – and I LOVE them. This is the third time around…the first two times the majority of the students were dumped in. Either electives they wanted were full or they just didn’t know what elective they wanted. But the difference in attitude when choosing a class and wanting to be there shows. We’ve gone further in the past two weeks than in a month in the past. In fact when students first captured tape to computer on Monday I had to order them to play with the titles, effects, and transitions. (I do this so they get it out of their system and also understand it’s okay to experiment.)
2. Immediately after school today I hop in the van (all loaded with gear) and make the trek to LA for the STN convention. The six hour drive will give me time to reflect and develop my presentations. Lighting is a breeze – got my Lowell kit and various other lights and a demo tape. The point here it to let folks know that lighting is both a science and an art – but in my opinion more of an art. Every time I wonder how to begin the convergence presentation, I think of the wild wild west and folks shooting it out (except in this case, with cameras).

So if you’re a teacher or student converging on LA for the convention, let me know what you want to hear and see. If you’re a pro…go ahead and drop a few suggestions or links. I’m definitely bringing in my experiences at the Canton Repository training photogs and reporters, as well as the SFBAPPA digital workshops. And a reminder to the grizzled, experienced teachers that life and times change and you have to teach to the future while holding on to the best of the past.

Jan 17…talk about a buncha red faces. I had plans to attend the STN confab and had offered to do a workshop “in Anaheim” for RTNDF. Well guess what – I am now going to TWO confabs. I’m at STN and apparently the conference I’ll be presenting at is in April for JEA. What goes wrong when people hear the same words and interpret them differently. This is better for me cause now I can be an attendee and enjoy the breakout sessions. And it looks like I’ll be back again. Funny thing – there’s convergence workshop and backpack journalist sessions here…should be interesting. I’ve hooked up with Sharlo Rogers of Goddard High School in Kansas and am following her team of teenage boys around, observing how they handle the stress of competition. They’re a tight-knit group and pretty mature…working with little direction from their advisor. Her program is three years old and similar to what I hope to have running soon – daily bulletin announcements, a weekly show and monthly program.


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