Home from STN…

Got my final dose of Dotson and Rose (as in Les) before heading home. Maybe the other teachers were getting a dose of learning – I was getting inspiration. Revitalized. Sometimes the winter duldroms or dragged out weeks of preparing lesson plans and trying to reach inside growing minds can wear you out…and you need a shot in the arm to remind you why you’re alive. Listening to veteran cameraman Les Rose and word wizard Dotson reminded me of all that is good in broadcast journalism.

small jpg garrett

And I need it…on top of all of the other happenings this year, our yellow lab Garrett took a hike with his newly adopted bud Hallie while I was gone. Hallie’s back but no Garrett…so today Lexi and I begin putting up “Missing” posters and continuing the door to door search she and her father began two days ago. And we get to hike…we’re out in the country so there are a lot of vineyards and fields to look through. Life is full of curves.


One thought on “Home from STN…

  1. Garrett is home after three weeks on the loose…picked up by the CHP and then taken in by Lab Rescue until I could get there. He’s lost a lot of weight and seems to be concentrating on getting it back (he stole half of Hallie’s dinner).

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