Cleaning out the files…

Today is a stormy catch-up and clean-up day and I’ve found in the process a few postings that were started and petered out. So here they come.

Thank you Colin…for a wonderfully written post that actually acknowledges that still photogs have a lot fo learn from their TV brethern AND including a bit of the history of the past (and some present) great moments. Check out Colin’s blog here.

Quality vs. quantity continues in posts from Angela Grant, Howard Owens, and Zach Echola.


I found a new blog by a Zach Echola recently when he joined in the short video production debate. He linked to Howard Owens and this blog, and stated his support for Howard’s idea that it’s only financially feasible to do video if the post production time takes one hour or less.

Zach’s basic argument is that newspaper sites need to produce a lot of videos rather than a few because more videos will garner more views.

Love the debate and hope the dust settles within my lifetime. I’ve often wondered why newspapers do not hire broadcast shooters more…they know the technology and they would love (put me in this group) to adapt to the depth and quality many papers seem to want. On the flip side, they can outshoot/edit most print competitors when it comes to video and turning around a story.

Goal accomplished. Backup of unposted stories: 0


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